AY sunset meditation is a dynamic group of youth and young adults that meets every friday night and on announced Sabbath's of the month for a time of prayer, singing, bible games, sharing testimonies, and Christ-centered presentations.
The program lasts about 1 hour to 1 hour and a half.
This time enables us to have clean fun, create Christian friendships and make positive life choices.
We are not exclusive to the youth and young adults; all other ages are welcome to come and join us for our AY program.
You will be sure to receive a blessing!

AimThe advent message to ALL the world in this generation

Pledge - Loving the Lord Jesus, I promise to take an active part in the Youth Ministries of our church.   Doing what I can to help others and to finish the work of the Gospel in all the world.

Motto - For the love of Christ compels us.

AY Song - Adventist youth are we, from every land and sea.
    Together we work and pray and play, in perfect harmony.
    We have a song to share, with others everywhere:
    A message of love, from God above; to show the world we care.

    Adventist Youth (Clap, Clap)
    Adventist Youth (Clap, Clap)
    Adventist Youth